Photo of Jessica Wiseman and DouglasChristopher Thomas

Sources claim that Jessica was pregnant at the time.(that's the first I have heard about this. If anyone knows the facts regarding that please let us know.)
She served 7 years in Juvenile. In 1999 when Thomas was about to be executed. Sources claim she was haughty and arrogant as she claimed ""No one , neither the media nor anyone else, seem to understand that the remorse I feel over the loss of my parents is my own personal affair. It is between God and myself." "After hearing what the media has to say, it is obvious that their only goal, after all these years, is still to sell a paper," she said in a written statement distributed a day before Thomas was scheduled to die. "I've never killed anyone nor have I manipulated anyone to do it for me."

Great Grandmother: Edmonia Eastmon
Father James Baxter Wiseman aka JB Wiseman
Mother Kathy Wiseman
Piankatank Shores and Gloucester are the locations