Twisted Desire based on the Case of Jessica Wiseman and DouglasChristopher Thomas

Twisted Desire Movie is Based on the Wiseman Murders
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

A background sketch of Christopher Thomas
He was a teen who really had no one to discipline him. He lived his life much like an adult. He did not have to worry about curfews, and he never had to answer to anyone about who he was dating or with whom he was associating in his spare time.Thomas lived with his grandparents since he was about two years old. His mother and father had divorced even before his birth. His grandparents were both deceased by the time he reached twelve years old. He was sent back to live with his mom, but the two had a strained relationship. He tried to commit suicide at age 16. He met Jessica not long after the suicide attempt. Sources say that he was sad, desperate, and vulnerable. Jessica Wiseman filled all of his needs. She made him feel special and loved. She lavished him with attention, and he was just not used to that.

A background sketch of Jessica Wiseman
Jessica came from a privileged background. Her parents were very strict, and they did not trust her or allow her very much freedom. Jessica fought constantly with her parents as she struggled to exercise her freedom. She was described as a manipulative and a selfish girl.

Christopher Thomas met Jessica right after he had tried to kill himself. He fell head over hills for Jessica. When her parents became aware of the relationship they did everything possible to put an end to it. James Wiseman even threatened to kill Chris if he didn't leave Jessica alone. The constant infighting between Jessica and her parents became unbearable for the young lovers so the devised a plan to execute the Wisemans. Jessica told Christopher just how he should enter the home. She was very specific about where her parents would be sleeping. So on the night of November 10, 1990, Jessica helped Thomas climb through an open window, and they began staging the scene to make it look like a robbery gone bad. Christopher Thomas then walked into the Wiseman's room with a shotgun and blasted them both as they lay in bed. Kathy staggered down the hallway, and as Jessica began shouting to Chris to finish the job, he blasted her again, and she fell to the floor dead. When the police arrived they found Kathy in the hallway dead. James was found in his bed. He was also deceased. Christopher took the fall for the murders. He refused to implicate his girlfriend in the beginning. He did eventually confess to the murders. He admitted that they were very much in love and that they wanted to be together, and murdering Jessica's parents were the only way for them to be free.  At the time the murders were committed Chis was only 17 years old and Jessica was just 14 years old. She was tried as a Juvenile. The was found guilty and sentenced to a juvenile facility until her 21st birthday. Thomas was tried as an adult, and received the death penalty. Jessica was released in 1997. When Thomas spoke with members of the media during his upcoming execution. He told them that he was a very different mature person, unlike the person that he was in 1990. He only wished that he had a second chance to prove it to the judge and the rest of the world.

When Christopher Thomas was put to death his case made national attention. People were outraged that his partner in crime only spent a few years in a juvenile correctional facility. People thought that he got a raw deal. They felt that Jessica, being the mastermind of the murder, should have also received the death penalty or at least life in prison for her part in the murders. Virginia law was eventually changed to include youths who could be eligible to be tried as adults.


  1. Very good movie although I realize that dramatic license must have been taken in making it.

  2. The reality is not quite the same as this movie. But that is how it always goes with so-called true crime. They always dramatize it more than it truly was. In reality, there was not a love triangle. It was just Ms. Wiseman and Mr. Thomas who simply plotted the killing so they could stay together as a couple. And it is sad that we will never know if Mr. Thomas really might have been reformed enough to have re-entered society. I feel bad for his family and for the family of the deceased Wisemans. They have all suffered a great loss and their lives will never be the same because of this. I really hope Jessica Wiseman never involves herself in anything or with anyone that might cloud her own judgement of right and wrong. I hope she has the moral compass to live a really good life and to value that each day like a gift. AND I really wish movie makers and authors would stop trying to romanticize these obessive teenage affairs that turn deadly. Ask the ones who make it out of prison and they will tell you that they only THOUGHT it was love forever but in the end, it was just obsession and greed and hormones and confusion mixed with teen angst. All teens feel they don't belong and when they experience first feelings of puppy love and sexual desire, they mistake it for real enduring love. They have yet to learn the difference. The wrong affair can be deadly for two of the wrong minds together. Perhaps this is why those families fought so hard to separate them: Because they knew it was not a combination meant to be.

  3. I have just watched the movie. Then as usual I went on line to get some more information. All I can say is: it's a shame that first in the States there is still a death sentence and second that she (Jessica) was relised from prison after 7yrs while he was executed. After all they did it together. I still can not believe that America to this day did not abolish death penalty- aspecially for the juveniles. Within the three weeks of Thomas' execution there were four executions of a juvenile defendant in a Indiana Death Row alone. (To be clear- juveniles while arrested not executed.)

    Anonymous@ Good post!

    (Don't mind my poor english...not from US...from Europe and not english speaking native.)

  4. I knew the people involved in this crime. It's sad. Of course, not all of what you see in the movie is real. No love triangles. It's sad that Chris had to face the ultimate punishment of death while Jessica clearly involved in some way. They both deserved to be punished, but I don't feel Chris should have died for a crime he alone did not commit.